Our Missionaries

Meet Our Missionaries

The Ackermans
When I was young my parents took my two sisters and I to a Methodist Church about twice a month but we never missed an Easter or Christmas service. Then in my teens we moved to another city and stopped going to church all together.
In Nov. 1981 Sheila and I were married and then in Jan 1982 we were expecting our first child. We decided at that time we should start attending the Lutheran Church we were married in. Our daughter was born in September with a terminal illness and we felt the weight of sadness, uncertainty and confusion. During this time our church never reached out to us except for one couple. When our daughter died people avoided us, even our church family. When our Pastor who had presided over the funeral asked us a few weeks later how our daughter was doing, it hurt very much and we decided at that point that if this was Christianity we wanted no part of it.
The Crains
Papua New Guinea
Matt and Rebekah minister in Papua New Guinea with the Michael Berbin family. Matthew grew up in Pennsylvania, while Rebekah spent much of her childhood as a MK in the Philippines. They both graduated from Bob Jones University where Matthew studied missionary aviation and Rebekah studied elementary education. The Lord’s direction in the Crains’ lives testifies to how the Lord can use short-term mission opportunities to direct people to full-time service.
Both Matthew and Rebekah first went to PNG as single short-term missionaries. They met in PNG, and the Lord directed their lives to marriage while serving there together. After finishing deputation as a couple, they returned to PNG in July 2007 and are continuing their work there.
The Freys
In 2006 John & Joanna married and moved to Anchorage, AK. They spent the last 10 years there being part of the community and serving in their local church. It was through their service and schooling that God placed a desire in their hearts to serve Him in full-time ministry wherever He might lead.
We have partnered with the ABWE-UK team, ministering through church planting & restoration. We will be working alongside British believers in an effort to establish new local churches or to revitalize those that are struggling to remain open. The vision of this ministry is to: Restore. Equip. Send.

The Steels
John Mark, Déborah, Elizabeth, and Daniel James Steel are sent from Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, and serve with EMU International, with the purpose of assisting Uruguayan churches in evangelism and ministry training, primarily in the contexts of the Primer Instituto Bíblico F.V. Dabold and the developing Facultad de Estudios Bíblicos del Uruguay (FEBU). 
Lonita Lohse
Papua New Guinea
Lonita was blessed to be raised in a Christian home in rural Alaska. When she was 15 years old, she put her faith in Christ. Thinking the Lord was leading her to a career in scientific research, she graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2005 with a BS in chemistry and a minor in mathematics. This was God’s hand at work in her life.
In 2009, she felt the Lord calling her to the mission field. Shortly afterward, He allowed her to go to Africa for two short mission trips, but she did not feel that He wanted her to serve there on a long-term basis.
The Shues
Mexico Border
With our unique location on the Texas/Mexico border, we have a great door of opportunity open to reach out to the Mexican people across the border, as well as to the local 90% Hispanic population on this side of the border. If you are interested in being a part of helping with any of the following outreaches, please contact us.
Even though we have not personally planted any churches in Mexico, we have made our focus one of assisting the national pastor in his church planting efforts. These are some of the churches that we have ministered in!

The Marlowes
Papua Indonesia
Sam and Linda have served in Indonesia since 2007. Sam serves as an Avionics Technician with the partner organization of YAJASI. Linda stays at home in the roles of wife and mother, but she also enjoys opportunities of caring for others through hospitality and encouragement. They have three children, Ann (29-Jan-2005), Emma (21-Feb-2008), and Ian (23-Sept-2010). 
The Jugsujindas
Patt was born into a non-Christian family in Bangkok, Thailand. However, in her teen years her parents frequently encouraged her to go to a Christian church. On December 12, 1980, she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour at Huaw Khwang Baptist Church.
I (Aruj) was born in Bangkok, Thailand and was brought up in a non-Christian family. I was exposed to Christianity from a young age when my parents came to the United States in pursuit of higher education. However, it was only when I was in high school
in Baton Rouge, LA, that I understood what it meant to be a Christian. On December 25, 1985, I accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of my life and made a commitment to serve Him for the rest of my life.
Ironwood Christian Camp
The desert has a short memory. The wind howls, the dune drifts, the sun beats down, and suddenly the things that seemed invincible have been driven away, buried or disintegrated.
To  write a message in the sand is sheer madness.
But our God is One Who redeems madness for His glory! He is pleased to take our scratching in the dust and use it to change lives for eternity. Come and see our scribbles in the sand.
Come and praise God, Whose Kingdom will stand long after the desert has forgotten!
The Houtz
Iliamna Alaska
Aaron and Rachel have both had the privilege of hearing the Gospel from a very young age and accepted its truth in their hearts at an early age. Aaron grew up in a Pastor's home, seeing the challenges and blessings of ministry. Aaron and Rachel met as children at the church his Dad pastors in upstate New York.